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Sep 25th, 2015

Dynamic Callout Extensions Are Now Available in Google AdWords

If you use Google AdWords to make online adverts, you probably already take advantage of callouts. These extensions, which are placed below the standard advert copy, highlight your business’ unique offers (like free shipping, seasonal sales and 24/7 customer care) and let people know about the benefit of using your products and services. They’re meant to grab the attention of your target audience and increase your adverts’ click-through rates, which obviously can potentially lead to higher sales and revenues.

From its release on September 2014 up until now, the callout feature only appeared on adverts if advertisers would manually set it in their AdWords account. But, this week, Google announced that they’re releasing dynamic callouts. These extensions are similar to manual callouts in terms of appearance; the only difference is that they automatically pull information about your business, products and services from your website instead of asking you to manually input this data.

Screenshot of dynamic callout example from Adowrds Help Center

Since they reflect your site’s existing content and require no additional work on your part, dynamic callouts can help you save time. But Google points out that manual callout extensions will always override automatic ones, so users will most likely see the callouts you’ve manually set in your adverts. Google also notes that, since dynamic callouts may not appear for all campaigns, advertisers must still keep on adding and optimising callouts.

Dynamic callouts are available in English around the world but will be applicable only to campaigns that are tagged as “Search Network only”.

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