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Sep 28th, 2015

Google Local Update: Phone Numbers and Addresses Are Back in the Maps

Google caused quite a stir when they removed phone numbers and addresses from Google Maps local listings as they launched the new three pack back in August. Many found the change completely in contrast to Google’s plans to make their SERPs more “user friendly”. Fortunately, this seems to have changed as several SEO experts recently noticed that contact details have been returned to local pack listings.

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Image Credit: Intel Free Press , CC BY-SA 2.0

Because it no longer featured contact details, the updated three pack had encouraged searchers to click on a business’s website or Google Maps listing to find its phone number and get other information. This was inconvenient since people weren’t able to find the details they need right away. It was also detrimental for businesses since it became more difficult for them to open lines of communication and instigate interactions with their customers.

Fortunately, after a short while, Google has undone the changes to the local pack and returned phone numbers and addresses to Google Maps listings. This seems to have been done to provide convenience to searchers, with Linda Buquet of Local Search Forums noting that, if this becomes permanent, searchers can easily find businesses’ contact details, location, and service hours without having to click Local Finder. However, the move has also been welcomed by many marketers and business owners since it can help them reach out to their target audience.

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