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Apr 10th, 2013

Blogging And Its SEO Rewards

There is no magical formula that can propel your website to the top of search engine rankings, or drive lots of traffic to it. Effective SEO requires time and effort, but some tools and strategies do deliver better results than others. According to marketing professional Brent Carnduff, blogging is definitely one of the most beneficial tools for achieving SEO success. In a blog post for the Business2Community website, Carnduff lists four ways in which blogging can boost SEO efforts.

One benefit of blogging is the increased number of indexed pages. Since every blog post is treated as another web page by search engines, blogging will extend your reach. Your articles may not be perfectly optimised, but if they are of high quality and relevance your website will come up in searches involving a broad range of keywords.

Back links remain the driving force behind search engine ranking. Regular output of top-notch content will create more opportunities for generating high-quality organic links to your website. These will in turn endorse your enterprise, products or services.

Search engine results these days are being increasingly influenced by social signals. A steady stream of fresh, original pieces on your blog will lead to more social sharing, comments and endorsements, letting you reap the subsequent SEO benefits. Carnduff wraps up his blog with a reminder that search engines reward websites that deliver fresh content. Regular blogging leads to more frequent crawling, which in turn keeps your important keywords and phrases in the spotlight.

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