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Jan 25th, 2013

Building Blogger Relations Is Key For SEO Success

Building effective blogger relations is an area that brands are paying a lot of attention to lately as it is a powerful way to reach out to customers and influence their purchase decisions.  Some companies fare better than others in getting positive coverage from bloggers, however all of them do understand the importance of blogger relations for their success.

Confused.com, the price comparison website for insurance and financial services, last month hosted a small event “Brands, blogs and banter” bringing together companies and bloggers that it had worked with for a year. In a blog to Econsultancy, the company’s digital marketing manager Heledd Jones shared some of the valuable insights that came out of that event, which all highlighted the importance of building relationships, not links, as an area that SEO experts could focus on more this year.

Isabel Clift, Editor of Hostelbookers, said that building real-life relationships will translate into superb digital relationships. She further suggested that brands should build content partnerships with other brands, especially when their content strategies complement each other. This could be as valuable as building relationships with bloggers, she said.

According to self-proclaimed digital marketing geek Andrew Girdwood, bloggers will strive towards better quality in the aftermath of the Panda algorithmic updates, which punishes them for selling links. At the same time, brands are investing more in top-quality content, meaning that brands and bloggers can strike a better collaboration this year.

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