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Jul 20th, 2015

Google Takes a Closer Look at Branded Videos on YouTube

Google has partnered with ad buying and video marketing firm Pixability to analyse branded content on YouTube and learn more about viewership and publishing trends. They focused on the companies that have been included in the Top 100 Interbrand 2014 Best Global Brands list, such as Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, Samsung and Google itself.

According to the study, the Top 100 Brands as a whole uploaded a new video to YouTube every 18.5 minutes in 2015 and have posted a total of 611,00 videos so far. The videos have a total of around 40 billion views, with the number of monthly views rising at 55 percent from 2014. The leading brands collectively own and manage 2,434 channels on the video-sharing website.

YouTube headquarters sign in California

Image Credit: jm3 on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Google and Pixability also looked at the number of likes, dislikes, comments and channel subscribers, which are considered to be indicators of audience satisfaction and customer engagement. Overall, videos from the Top 100 Brands acquired 90 million likes, 8.9 million dislikes and 16 million comments. The companies have also gained 73 million subscribers on their YouTube channels.

Despite these high numbers, it’s not all positive for the leading brands. Pixability CTO Andreas Goeldi noted that some videos have more likes than dislikes, which shows that many people don’t believe the message they convey and that viewers don’t hesitate to express their opinions on YouTube.

It seems that the Top 100 brands are paying close attention to their audience’s opinions since many of them are taking steps to improve their YouTube presence. Some are staying away from the traditional 15- or 30-second content and are instead posting videos that are 10 minutes or longer. Others are collaborating with independent YouTube stars who have millions of subscribers, presumably to reach a wider audience and attract more customers.

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