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Jul 10th, 2015

Google's Tweet Indexing Jumps to 466 Percent, Still Has Long Way to Go

Google has indexed more tweets than ever in June, with a recent research showing that there’s an increase of 466 percent in indexed Twitter posts since February.

SEO marketers will remember that, early in February, Google made a deal with Twitter to have access to its data. Since then, digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting (STC) have been tracking Google’s improvement in indexing tweets from February to June 2015. Their research revealed that, out of 39,249 tweets in June, 1,348 of them (or 3.4 percent) have been indexed. This is a huge improvement compared to February’s data, which showed that only 11 out of 1,812 tweets (or roughly 0.6 percent) have been indexed.
Twitter spelled with Scrabble tiles

Image Credit: Jonathan Rolande, CC BY 2.0

Despite the increase in Google’s tweet indexing rate, the search engine giant still hasn’t reached the goal of having all Twitter posts appear in organic search results. When looking at the June results, for example, it’s clear that around 96.6 percent of tweets haven’t yet been indexed. This means that most brand tweets aren’t available in the search results and that companies hoping to use the Twitter-Google deal to boost brand awareness might not yet see the results they’re after.

The study also shows that Google prefers to index Twitter accounts that have more followers, although Stone Temple Consulting notes that the level of engagement with an account’s tweets can also play a huge role.

STC founder Eric Enge notes that the slow rise of tweet indexing can be caused by two reasons: one, Google is still evaluating and making adjustments to its processes and, two, indexing all tweets at once is too difficult even for Google’s technological capacity. Enge says that amount of indexed tweets will most likely increase over time once the search engine giant figures out how to effectively use Twitter’s data.

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