BREAKING NEWS – Larry and Sergey announce closure of Google

News has just been released today that Larry Page and Sergey Brin have announced that they will be closing Google effective from the end of April. In a statement to the press they said ‘Although it saddens us to do so we feel that we have come to the end of our journey through search and no longer wish to continue offering Google’s services to the public’. Shockwaves are reverberating around the SEO industry as we post this and it looks like everyone will be jumping ship to Yahoo, Bing and Ask. What will this mean for the future of search? Not to worry, if you have read this far we are happy to announce you have just witnessed our first April Fools Days joke. We hope this hasn’t caused too much panic and we would just like to say categorically that this announcement is completely fictitious and as far as we know Google have no plans in closing…phew!