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  • New Malls Added to Bing Maps US

    - SEO & Onsite Specialist - March 31st, 2011

    New Malls Added to Bing Maps US

    A lot of people consider retail therapy as a perfect balm for a stress-filled day or a hectic workweek. Indeed, there is something about buying that coveted leather watch or designer handbag that soothes the battered, materialistic soul. Still, the mood to spend can so easily be overshadowed by the frustration of not finding the store you want quickly. It is for this very reason that Bing has introduced mall directory maps late last year in the United States. In a nutshell, it contains a detailed grid showing the locations of shops within a shopping centre. Aside from this, it also shows places within this type of establishment that are considered vital to mall goers. Do ATM machines or the nearest parking lot ring any bells?

    Although the project started out with 22 purchasing hubs, the list has grown to more than twice this figure. Since it commenced, the Microsoft search engine has added a total of 148 retailer names in more than 20 US states. It includes nine of the “largest enclosed malls by square feet” in the said territory.

    This new development certainly holds a lot of promise and I hope the feature can be enjoyed by users on a global scale. Does this bit of good news make you more persuadable to do that bunch of errands or shop for next week’s groceries a bit earlier? It has certainly got me interested. However, we are even more eager to see Bing trarget a European market with their numerous updates. Read the details of the announcement here:

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