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Dec 23rd, 2011

Smart Traffic's SEO Trends for 2012

Smart Traffic’s SEO Trends for 2012

As 2011 draws to a close, we can reflect on the changes in SEO and Google over the year. 2011 may have been the year of the Panda with Algorithm updates shaking up the SERPs and scaring webmasters into action, but this wasn’t the only advancement which gave search engine marketers something to think about when approaching strategies for 2012.

Mobile SEO
We all know mobile search is up – and its set to increase even further in the new year. What makes the difference now if whether your site is ready to actively target this market. Mobile SERPs are a lot more tailor-made, so you need to ensure that Google sees your services as the most suitable and easily associable both technologically and physically.

Smart Content
Now more than ever websites need accurate and informative information to get ahead of their competitors. In light of the Google freshness update this should include a blog or news section that adds valuable disccusion to your industry. And, as always, a properly optimised Content Development Section is essential for all traffic targeting pages.

Full Social Media Intergration

Its hard to believe years after social media went from a buzzword to a fully fledged sector of the marketing industry that some business are still without without proper Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. For 2012 we can expect Google+ to play a more prominent role in SERPs in some capacity, so a business profile should be first on your check list for 2012. The introduction of the author markup on page and in results is an indicator that more and more building an identity for your company will be a part of SEO.

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